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Does Strategy Coaching Work? Results of our Research

Dyslexia is a particular cognitive style that results in poor phonological processing, poor phonological working memory, poor sequencing and processing speed (Guest, 2009; Shaywitz et al. 1990’s) but with above average strengths in verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning and mechanical ability (Eide and Eide, 2011; Von Karolyi, 2001 – 2005). There are individual variations but this is a typical profile description.

The choice of topics to […]

The Open Office Layout (removing the barriers for the neurodiverse employee)

It is reasonable to note that neurodiverse employees experience a range of potential barriers in the work environment, with the difficulties appearing to relate to a lack of awareness amongst managers and colleagues.

What often seems unimposing and innocuous to the neurotypical employee can turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing to the neurodiverse employee. Let’s examine 6 potential barriers that we may find in a typical open plan office and look at some strategies we can use to […]